Tree of Thanksgiving

It’s November! Which means fall is coming to an end, Christmas decorations can be found in all stores and we start reflecting on our blessings for the year. Focusing on our blessings has been especially hard for me this year because I have been preoccupied with getting projects done and improving our lives instead of being grateful for what we already have and how far we’ve come.


Since the kids are getting older I thought this year would be good to come up with a new Thanksgiving tradition, our Tree of Thanksgiving. Every day we, as a family, are going to write down one thing we are thankful for and put it on our tree. Then, come Thanksgiving, we can incorporate these things into our dinner prayer of thanksgiving. I know our tree isn’t much to look at, but construction paper, tape and markers are what we had to work with, plus little “helping” hands.

To keep the kids involved I had them trace their hands and cut them out (I helped the 2 year old) and our 5 year old is writing down the blessings for us. This was a fairly easy project that kept 3 little kids entertained for about a half hour, but is something they look forward to at dinner time.

Yes, you can do your #gratitudechallenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but this is a way for your whole family to be involved and hopefully truly reflect on your blessings, not just post things to get likes on your account. Hopefully this is an idea that can help your family realize how blessed you are, not just during November, but all year long.


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