Dressed Up Dresser, DIY

Hey Guys! It’s been crazy busy over here, but that means lot’s of new blog posts for your! I know its my first blog post in awhile, and I’m coming back with a DIY for y’all. I have been in the process of re-doing my office since my sister moved out, and she left behind an awesome old dresser. I will never turn down free furniture, especially one with so much storage!  I am loving that shabby chic and industrial style are now trends, and decided to fully embrace it for the office.  For those of you who have never re-finished furniture but want to start, I will take you step-by-step through this project so you can see how it’s done.


To create the feel I was looking for I decided to embrace another new trend, chalk paint. This was my first time using chalk paint and I was very impressed. The local hardware store (Reinemans True Value) was where I was able to find all the materials I needed for this project, however you can find chalk paint at almost any location, including Amazon.  20180404_095223

Ok, first step is to give your piece a thorough cleaning, getting all the dirt, dust, tape, stickers ect. off. Then, if you are doing anything with drawers or hardware, you want to take the drawers out and take the hardware off. This was a great project for my 4 year old to keep him entertained while I did the next step, sanding.


Depending on the chalk paint you use you may not need to sand your piece, but since this dresser was pretty beat up and had a glossy finish, I decided to rough up the surface so the paint would really stick. I am a fan of hand sanding because it gives more control, but if you are comfortable with a power sander it definitely makes the process go faster.  The reason you want to sand it to make a clean, yet rough, surface for your paint to adhere to.


After you sand your surface, give it another wipe down and you are ready to paint! For chalk paint you definitely want to use a bristle brush as opposed to a roller, this will give you a more distressed look. Depending on how you want your finished piece to look, you can do light brush strokes to let the original finish show through, or heavy strokes to cover the whole thing. Chalk paint is a lot thicker than regular wall paint or acrylic paint, and it also dries fast, so you want to work quickly.


An optional step is to use a top-coat for your piece. I chose to top-coat only the top of my dresser since it was going to get a lot of use and I didn’t want the finish getting scratched. I would recommend doing a top-coat on pieces that are going to get a lot of use or are in high traffic areas and are likely to get banged up. Just a little added protection for all your hard work.


For the drawers I wanted something different, so I painted them with actual chalkboard paint. Again you want to sand these pieces before painting, but you also want to prime them. This will give the chalk board a nice surface to adhere to and is less likely to scratch off. I used a roller brush for the primer so there were no brush strokes showing through.


Then comes the chalkboard paint. The trick with this is to take your time and make sure you allow plenty of time for it to dry between coats. I applied 3 coats and used a roller brush for the first coat and then a regular brush for the next to. Combining the two brushes created a nice, smooth finish and made sure no spot was unfinished.


Once the painting is done all you need to do is put it back together and add new hardware if you choose. I almost always change out my hardware because that alone gives the piece a new look.


TADA! You have successfully given new life to your piece of furniture! I am beyond thrilled with how this turned out and will definitely be doing more work with chalk paint in the future. (Maybe even my ugly kitchen cabinets…)

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