Hey Mamma, It’s ok to Not be Perfect

Hey mamma, the one reading this hoping to catch a 2 minute break to herself. Chances are you are struggling, finding it hard to keep your head above water in this crazy mess we call parenting. Chances are you are wearing something that is stained, mismatched socks, and you may or may not have showered in the last few days. Chances are there are dishes in your sink and laundry that needs to be put away. Chances are you are running late to wherever you need to be. Chances are you are not perfect, but that’s Ok.


As mom’s there is so much pressure to be the best at everything, you need to feed your kid organic, homegrown food, dress them in perfectly matched outfits, have a spotless house with white cabinets (seriously though, white with kids?) put on makeup and have your hair done to get that insta-worthy picture, make sure your kids are involved in everything, don’t yell too much, make sure they don’t have too much screen time, and the list goes on and on and on. Guess what? That’s not what makes motherhood special.

What makes being a mom so great it playing with play dough and making a snake that wraps around your whole counter. It’s having crazy dance parties in your PJ’s at 2:00 in the afternoon. It’s eating pizza for lunch and making cookies for snacks. It’s being able to put on your favorite Disney movie and watch it with your kids so you can have some “quiet time”. It’s spending quality time with your kids and making memories.  Yes, there’s going to be fighting, yelling, tears and frustration (and sometimes more cuss words than you care to admit.) But there is also going to be belly laughs, hugs, snuggles and that “I love you Mom,” that makes you melt.


Now, I’m not saying throw all rules to the wind, not at all. If you know me I am a very scheduled, nit-picky person. I dry-mop my floors umpteen times a day because crumbs drive me nuts, and I am constantly clearing off my counters. My kids do very well on a schedule so we do breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime about the same time every day. I am also turning into a hippie when it comes to using green cleaning products and trying to stay away from processed foods, or I grow my own. What I am saying is that your kids aren’t going to remember those things.

Think back to your childhood. What do you remember most? Do you remember what your mom was wearing or if your house was clean? I don’t. I remember taking naps in my mom’s legs on the couch. I remember her watching her soaps during lunchtime. I remember her always being there when I needed her, no matter what.


Take it easy on yourself ladies. And I’m writing this as much for you as I am for myself. Sometimes we just need to put everything aside and focus on our kids and being happy with them. I get so caught up in what everyone else is doing and then worrying that I’m doing it all wrong. I see the Instagram posts and Facebook pics and hear things during school pick up and I just get so caught up in it all. I stress about not doing enough about not being enough. But you know what? My 4 year old has gone to school with yogurt all over his shirt, because in the craziness of the morning, I didn’t check to make sure he was clean before we left, and nothing bad happened. There are always toys all over my house and I can’t even remember the last time I dusted, but everyone is happy. For meals we sometimes eat homemade, whole wheat pancakes with bananas, and sometimes we have mac n cheese and hotdogs, and my kids are perfectly healthy.

So go take a minute, sit down and play with your kids, talk to them about their day (if they’re old enough to talk) and just enjoy it. Stop worrying about trying to be perfect cause guess what? None of us are. And if someone says they are, they’re lying. We are all just trying to figure out this parenting thing and make sure we don’t screw up our kids too bad in the process.

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