Easy Lighting Project

Anyone else have the problem where they are always finding projects to do around their house? Well last week I decided to take on the project of adding some accent lighting to our playroom. Our house has always been lacking in the lighting department.; we have a few overhead lights, between ceiling fans and can lights, but still needed something to add more light (and something fun) to our house. As an interior designer I have always loved using lighting as a way to add something extra to a space, and with the variety of light fixtures out there, this is really fun to do.


Since our house is an open concept plan I needed lighting that would work with the rest of the style of the house but still be fun for kids.  I had thought about just getting a floor lamp, or hanging a pendant from the ceiling, but I wasn’t in love with either of those ideas. Then one day as I was browsing online I found these unique pully brackets and that gave me an idea! We can’t hard wire anything new in but why not do pendant sconce lights? These things usually don’t go together but since the industrial style is popular I had a lot of options to make this work.


Now, I hate hanging things and absolutely despise using drywall anchors. If I can’t screw into a stud there is a lot of cussing involved along with drywall dust and usually a broken anchor, or two, or three. So, I went out and bought a handy dandy stud finder (since the boys broke my last one) and prayed there would be studs where I needed.  And thankfully there were!


Once I found the studs hanging the brackets just needed a level and some screws then, ta da! New, adorable lights!


It’s amazing how something as simple as lights can transform a space.  They really tie the space together and add some fun, don’t ya think.

Ps. Ladies, how awesome is it that we can use ponytails as pen/pencil holders?


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