Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck

Valentine’s Day, a day of Love and Romance, Flowers and Chocolate, a day where couples are extra smoochy faced and single people want to throw up. Traditionally Valentine’s Day has been a day primarily for couples to show their love for each other with grand, romantic gestures and fancy dinners. There is so much pressure on couples to make the day as amazing as possible and those who aren’t in a romantic relationship tend to be left out. Why is Valentine’s Day a day for couples? No one has a good answer. (if you do, let me know) Yes, for Catholic’s it’s the feast day of St. Valentine (ps. There are more than one). But he doesn’t have anything particularly romantic associated with him.


When my hubby and I started dating we did Valentine’s Day, but only for a year or so till his cynical side came out. (Mr. grouchy old man “Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday made to put money in the greeting card industry’s pockets”) So I started to get bummed when I saw other girls and their amazing date nights and the cute things their guys did for them. But then I started to agree with him (especially when money got tight) and see how much money people spent on one day when really, if you love someone, you should do little gestures daily, not just one day a year. *On a side note, my hubby does put together some awesome hand-picked bouquets other random times of the year and my inner, mushy girly girl loves it.*

But, who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Why does it have to be about romance? Why can’t it just be a day about love? Make Valentine’s Day, a day to let people know just how much they mean to you. Do you love your mom? What about your dad? Grandparents? Brothers and sisters? Moms, you know you love your kids more than life itself some days.  Have any best friends? Think galentines day!  Heck, I’m sure your dog or cat would love some extra cuddles too today. If you change your thinking from focusing on one romantic relationship and change it to everyone you love and care about, your day will be fuller than it ever has been.


What about all the “stuff” that goes with Valentine’s Day? You know what, I would much rather get a hand-written note saying how much someone cares about me than a store bought, $5 card that happens to be glittery. Maybe I’m weird (ok, I know I am) but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people would appreciate a genuine, sincere, gesture than an over the top spectacle. You can send a handwritten note, make a phone call or shoot them a nice text message, stop by with their favorite food or video game to play, or book to read.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck, it’s all how you look at it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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