Teacher Support

Teachers have some of the hardest jobs around and they definitely don’t get enough credit for it. So many of my friends are teachers, or counselors, and put so much effort and energy into their students. I think a lot of people expect teachers to be the ones to discipline and raise their kids, but how to behave starts at home.


 I have a story to share and it’s not my proudest mom moment. Raylan (my 4 year old) is in his first year of 4k. His teacher pulled me aside during pick up to let me know he had a bad day. When it was his turn to do spelling of the word OWL out loud he refused to and then had a meltdown. She said that she tried to not make a big deal about him not wanting to do it but the meltdown happened anyways. She even had to move the other kids to another room till he calmed down. That was so embarrassing for me to hear. I know how he gets when he’s upset and it’s not pretty. He is still learning on how to process his emotions and when he is embarrassed, nervous, upset, he just shuts down.  He came home and we had a long talk about how it’s ok to not know something and to just ask for help, that’s what school is for, to learn.  It is not ok to have a meltdown in school that disrupts the other kids learning. We spent the next day discussing and practicing how to act in a stressful situation and since he didn’t do the work at school, I had him do it at home. We printed off our owl picture and practiced spelling the word so that we could give it to his teacher the next school day. He also had to give her a hug and apologize for acting up.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with this. You do something wrong, you apologize. But what surprised me was at the end of the day the teacher said how great the day was and thanked me for the support. She even texted me later saying she really appreciated me working with him and for backing her up. I apologized again and said that it was my responsibility for teaching my kid that that kind of behavior is unacceptable. I was shocked that she was thinking me for supporting her. There is no question that she would get my support and it almost saddens me that anything less would be accepted.

It truly blows my mind how many people blame the teachers for their kids behavior now a days, or how parents don’t see what is wrong with their kids actions in the classroom. Teachers are always spending their free time shopping for their classroom, attending school events, coming up with lesson plans or grading papers. Teaching is more than just an 8 hour day in the classroom. Also, could you imagine being in charge of a room full of kindergarten kids, middle schoolers, or teenagers all by yourself? If you can’t control your kid at home how would you expect a teacher to do a better job when they have a room full of other students to take care of too?

If you are a parent of a school aged kid, just take an extra minute to think before you criticize your child’s teacher, and maybe even thank them on a regular basis.

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