Chalkboard for the Country Kids

This week I’m sharing another project with y’all. The last few days have felt like the middle of summer and it’s only May, which means we are outside all. the.time. Since we have a gravel driveway chalk is one of the activities we never get to do at our house, until now. I can’t take full credit for this idea, I saw something similar on Pinterest, but I adapted it to fit our house.

First I scoped out a spot on the deck, somewhere that would be in shade most of the day and then close to the house is what I needed, so this spot worked great.


Next, I needed a chalkboard. I found this one on //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Amazon, which fit almost perfectly in between the rails.


I decided to paint it to make it more fun and then sealed the frame to hopefully make it last longer. (Good think I’m a pack-rat and had old craft paint and furniture sealer on hand)


I found these cute baskets at the dollar tree along with chalk, and then got a hook from Menards to hang it up. If you opt to do this basket idea just make sure that there are holes in the bottom to let water through, otherwise you will have a pasty/chalky mess on your hands.


Final step, hanging it up. Then…


Ta Da! Cute chalkboard to entertain the kids.


Side note: An old Norwex Enviro Cloth works great to clean the chalk off the board, plus it has a loop so you can hang it up right along with your chalk!

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