Coat Rack DIY

This week I’m throwing a quick DYI project your way.

I absolutely love pallets, they are usually made of strong wood, old ones have awesome coloring and best of all, they are FREE! Rather than just using them for firewood I love to use pallet wood for just about everything (plus it’s cheaper and easier than running to the store for wood). Look at this awesome cut pattern on this particular piece.


I have needed a strong coat rack by my patio doors for a while, and now that spring is here I really needed somewhere to store all the outdoor junk. I had some pallet wood hanging around and a can of stain so all I needed were some hooks to make an awesome storage area.


First step is sanding down all the rough edges. I like to go over everything and round the edges, it tends to cut down on splinters you may get.

Next is the stain. I had bought a large can of stain at some point and now use it for almost every project. If you are going to do this, make sure it’s a color you like. I like that now all my projects match throughout my house. Another tip when it comes to staining; get some good cleaning gloves if you plan on doing a lot of projects. I used to just use the latex gloves but they would get holes after one use. The heavy duty ones have lasted through 3 projects so far.


After the stain dries comes putting on the hooks. Again, I went to Menards for these awesome hooks. They are big, and really solid, which will be perfect since this is where my kids will be hanging hats, jackets and towels.


Now, since this was such a hard piece of wood, it took a lot to get the screws in. If I had more patience I probably would have pre-drilled the holes, but I didn’t, so I had to use strength and lots of cuss words.

Once the hooks were on it was time to mount it to the wall. I did pre-drill holes for this part and made sure to mount it to studs.


TA DA! Coat rack! I plan on doing more with this wall as far as organization goes, but for now this is a huge help to keep clutter off the floor and counter. Stay tuned for more pallet projects and other DIY’s. If y’all enjoyed, subscribe to see when my next DIY project comes out!

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