Getting Crafty

So this weekend I got hit with the crafty bug. We always seem to be running out of storage space in our house and now that we had to clear out an entire room since my sister is moving in we needed to be really creative. I have had these crates lying around and decided to put them to use as bookshelves.


I had done this once before in my boys’ bedroom to create sturdy shelving (two boys can knock anything and everything down) with paint and stain. For the master bedroom I decided to do just paint and create a shabby/chic type of look.


Since this is raw wood which soaks up paint and stain quickly I wanted to make sure I had enough. I ended up not needing all of it, but I did go through a full, large white bottle and a small blue one and since the wood did soak up a lot it took a while to get it all painted.

As I was painting I realized I could have really used an angled 1” brush instead of my flat 1” or my 1 ½” angled brush so that made things take a little longer. Angled brushes are amazing, they work great for edging rooms when you paint and work great for getting into little nooks and crannies. I know what I’m getting on my next trip to the hardware store.


         Side note, I love having a large dining table, there was a lot going on on top of it that night.


           So, after I painted and let them dry overnight they were ready to hang. Trying to hang things with three little ones and two dogs is a challenge in itself. It took about two hours but I finally finished! Here’s a little before picture. You can see how we much we need to organize things.


I also found these amazing hooks at Menards to hang on either side. An owl and a flying pig for my side, a deer and a bear for my husbands.

20170327_152419 (1)

Now we have some cute, unique storage that was easy and inexpensive to make. I love how the results turned out and I love that I can make the mess on our headboard go away.



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