Why I Don’t Hate Mondays

The dreaded Monday; a day when you have to go back to work and leave the fun of the weekend. And when things go wrong, they always seem to be on Monday’s, don’t they? But I think Monday’s get a bad rap. I used to really dislike Mondays; it was a need to drink in the morning type of day. But then I decided to change my thinking about them and now they are actually something I look forward to.

Day of the week photographed with vintage letterpress characters.


Did I lose you in that last sentence? It’s not a joke, I really do enjoy Mondays. You may be asking yourself “What insanity is this” but it’s true. I stopped looking at Mondays as a day to dread, as a day that would take forever, as the day that robbed you of the weekend and forced you to go back to your job away from family. I stopped choosing to start my week on a negative note and turned it into a positive; I started looking at Mondays as a fresh start. Once I turned Monday into my ‘Reset’ button things started getting better.


When I was still at work I looked as Mondays as a way to forget all the crap that happened the week before and start fresh. I would spend the morning making a ‘to do’ list for the week, in order of what needed immediate attention and what could take some time followed by getting caught up on emails. I would get ahead of anything I thought might be a future issue and re-cap with customers how their projects were going. And being a bit of an introvert I hated making those phone calls, but I made them a Monday priority because then I could usually avoid stressful situations towards the end of the week. Now, this didn’t always work, and there were some Mondays that totally fell apart, but I would say 90% of the time this helped my Monday, not only fly by, but helped me keep order throughout the week.

Now that I am blessed and able to stay home with my boys I still use Monday as a reset, but in a different way. Weekends are always crazy around here, between activities on Saturday, Church and dinner at grandma and grandpa’s on Sundays, our schedules always get messed up and I slip up on the workouts. Now I use Mondays as a way to get back on schedule after a crazy weekend and makeup for the bad habits. All three boys start the week off with a bath which usually means they are calm enough (at least for a half hour) so I can get in a good workout and makeup for the weekend. We get in some awesome play time and get back into our lunch, nap, playtime and dinner routine. I also am usually get some work in during that naptime and diaper laundry (we cloth diaper), and if I’m lucky get the laundry put away that was done over the weekend.


I no longer look at Mondays as the enemy, but as an ally, helping me set myself, and my family up for a kick ass week. The week may end in shambles, but as long as I get that fresh start every Monday, I know we will be alright.


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