Days Like These

Days like these are why I wanted to be a stay at home mom. But unfortunately days like these are few and far between; days with little tears or fighting and lots of laughs and cuddles. Productive days, learning days and fun days. I thought being a stay at home mom would give me all this time with my kids and I had these Pinterest worthy days planned. However, real life is nothing like that. Somehow the things that I managed to get done before and after work still don’t get done during an entire day. Most days are filled with spending hours trying to get kids in clothes, changing dirty diapers, trying to get them to play nice and quit screaming, feeding them and following behind them trying to keep up with the mess which is about as useful as following behind a tornado.  Tears from everyone and guilt for not having a great day take center stage more than half of the time.


                But today was different. Today was one of the good days that keep me going. We started with everyone having a good night sleep, even the baby who slept in his own room for the first time last night. (I’m so excited!)  French toast was for breakfast followed by baths for all three boys. (That was a little tricky) Then to burn some energy on this cloudy day we were able to chase each other around the house without too much pushing or shoving. I was even able to get a workout in while the two older boys played nicely and the baby slept for a whole half hour. That hasn’t happened since, I can’t even remember when, and now I am tremendously sore.  Lunch was yummy Mac N Cheese followed by naptime/quiet time while mommy was able to do the 5 loads of laundry that were in various stages throughout the house. We even had time to work on our puzzles.

20170306_155725-COLLAGE (1)

                Now, I didn’t make any kind of fancy dinner, it was leftover bbq chicken with potatoes and carrots, so of course they didn’t eat anything and ended up with cottage cheese, grapes and bread. But after dinner we even managed to pick up toys from the day without too much of a struggle. Then came pajamas and bedtime and now, after cleaning up the kitchen and taking a nice, long shower I am working. There were still no crazy activities, no Pinterest projects and I most definitely didn’t get out of my oversized sweatshirt but the simplicity of it all, the one on one time was awesome. To not be stressed and to just be able to enjoy the day and be happy was such a blessing. Guys, days like today are what I live for.


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