Why Can’t Moms be Moms?

 I’m going to jump right into this post because this is really bothering me, why can’t moms just be moms? I’ve only been a stay at home mom for two weeks and already I am feeling pressure to do more, that being a mom isn’t good enough. There seems to be this stigma that a woman, who chooses to stay home with her kids rather than work, has something wrong with her. Why would she want to stay home with, you know, these amazing little creatures she created? She could be off traveling the world, making a name for herself at a fancy job, working crazy hours and paying a nanny to do all her housework. Doesn’t she want more for her life than to change poopy diapers and clean up messes? Her hair is always a mess and even though she is home all the time the house is a disaster. Who would want that life?


You know what people, BACK OFF. Leave moms alone! She is staying home with these amazing little miracles that she spent 9 months creating and will spend the next 18+ years trying to shape into great human beings, and that alone is way more rewarding than some job title. Yes, the days are crazy and messy, and sometimes plopping the kids in front of the tv just to get a break happens. But don’t judge. Why is a person’s value based on whether or not they have a job? I think that raising a family and creating children who are decent human beings is a little more important. People are quick to tell you how fast time flies with little ones but heaven forbid you actually take a minute to enjoy the little time you do have with them.


Deciding to be a stay at home mom isn’t an easy decision. It doesn’t mean that a mom is lazy for choosing not to work and to stay home instead. It’s deciding to make financial cuts and constantly watch a budget so that bills can be paid. It’s choosing to forgo a social life and adult interaction to make sure your kids are being raised the way you want. Its late nights and early mornings to get chores done that couldn’t be done during the day because you needed to kiss a booboo or sit and put a puzzle together with your toddler. Its grocery shopping at 9 at night once the kids are in bed because there isn’t enough room in the cart if you take all of them with you. Its endless amounts of coffee and laundry and tears and excitement. People, just let mom’s be moms.


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